A little bit of fairness for Irish non-executive directors.

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As many of you know, in last year’s Finance Act, our generous Minister for Finance decided that foreign non-executive directors of Irish companies would get tax free business travel expenses when attending board meetings, etc. 

And our own nationals, our Irish non-executive directors? Nada! This was an insidious little message discriminating against Irish business people. The ‘best little country in the world in which to do business’? Certainly, just as long as you are not Irish.

Thankfully, this insult has been recognised and from the 1st of January 2017, Irish non-executive directors will be able to claim up to €5,000.00 business travel expenses tax free. They will, of course, have to adhere to the Civil Service mileage and subsistence rates but that will be no hardship as they are very generous.

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