Stressful Audits

Expenseism Blog
Reading an article by Ken Foxe, Sunday Times June 4th, 2017, caused me to raise my eyebrows somewhat. It was not just the fact that some politicians were unsure of the type of spending allowed but also the amount of paperwork involved.

Presumably, the system they use for claiming expenses has explanatory documentation detailing exactly what they can and cannot claim for. This being the case it is reassuring that some of our politicians are like a lot of us who always start assembling the cabinet we bought in IKEA without looking at the instructions. And we all know what happens then!

In this article, the author is told that it is onerous and stressful due to the paperwork involved.

Surely, the system in use facilitates the electronic capture of receipts as photographs or scanned documents. This being the case it should be very simple for users to attach electronic receipts from utilities, photographed meal/hotel receipts, etc. Does this imply that some politicians have issues with technology? Again, I find this vaguely reassuring being someone that suffers from this malaise.

Overall, though, it appears as if our politicians have a robust and transparent expenses and auditing system in place and this really reassures me. Long may it continue.