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In a recent article regarding an unfair dismissal case, it was reported that a company was paying staff in mileage expenses in place of taxable income.

Apparently, this came to light when former employees went to court to stop the firm making them redundant on the grounds they were being targeted for whistle blowing.

It is alleged that Euro 100,000.00 was paid out in settlement of unfair dismissal claims via the company's accounts.

That seems to me to be an expensive practice - for the company involved.

There is a very easy way to halt this practice.

Insist upon all employees entering a mileage figure from their vehicles odometer at the start and end of the year. The company expenses system will very quickly show what was real business miles and what was not.

Revenue will be happy. The company will be happy and no longer be exposed to accusations of tax evasion.

Tax payers will be happy as well.